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Code of Conduct

The Man In The Moon expects all crew members and volunteers to follow our Code of Conduct, which sets clear guidance on the standards of behaviour required. The guidance aims to encourage crew members to meet the highest possible standards of conduct.

Crew members are in a position of trust and influence as role models for the children in their care, and as such must demonstrate behaviour that sets a good example to everyone.

Crew members also have a responsibility to maintain their own reputation and the reputation of The Man In The Moon, both during and outside of our activities.


Our crew members are ambassadors for The Man In The Moon and we expect them to conduct themselves professionally at all times. Crew members should treat anyone attending our activities (children, parents/carers and visitors) courteously and with respect.

We expect crew members to value all the children as individuals and to comply with our Equalities Policy at all times.

Swearing and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated by anyone. If any crew member of staff exhibits such behaviour, they will be subject to our disciplinary procedures. For more details, see our Aggressive Behaviour Policy and Staff Disciplinary Procedure.

Crew members and volunteers should always:

  • Work in an open environment (e.g. avoiding private or unobserved​ situations and encouraging open communication).

  • Put the welfare of children and young people first.

  • Strive to build balanced relationships based on mutual trust which​ empowers children and young people to share in the decision-making​process.

  • Take seriously any allegations, suspicions or concerns about abuse that a​ young person makes (including those made against crew members) and report them following appropriate procedures (please see our Safeguarding Policy regarding if a child or young person confides in you what you must do).

  • Provide an opportunity and environment for young people to talk to them about any concerns they may have.

  • Provide an environment that encourages young people and adults to feel comfortable and confident in challenging bullying and any attitudes or behaviours that may be discriminatory in any way (e.g. racial, sexual, homophobic, or disability etc.).


​Crew members and volunteers should never:

  • Engage in or permit or accept abusive and discriminatory behaviour.

  • Engage in inappropriate behaviour or contact (e.g. physical, verbal or sexual, including horseplay).

  • Allow or encourage others to engage in inappropriate behaviour and contact.

  • Use inappropriate or demeaning language.

  • Engage in sexual relationships with young people or personal friendships​ including outside of the workplace.

  • Make sexually suggestive comments to anyone.

  • Give or lend personal money to young people.

  • Invite young people to their homes.

  • Share a dressing room with a young person.

  • Show favouritism to anyone.

  • Jump to conclusions without checking facts.

  • Use alcohol, drugs or other substances prior to or when working or buy it​ for or supply it to young people.

  • Deliberately put themselves or others in compromising or potentially​ dangerous situations or situations which could be misinterpreted by young people or others, e.g. when supporting or comforting a young person under distress, make sure it is an open environment whilst also balancing their right to privacy.

  • Promote your religious or political ideas or beliefs.

  • Just rely on your 'good name' to protect you.

  • Allow allegations to go unrecorded or not acted upon.

  • Give out personal contact details including mobile telephone numbers and email addresses, become friends on social networking sites or gather personal contact details of young people for their own use.

Dress code

Whilst working at The Man In The Moon crew members will need to help to set up and pack away, prepare food, facilitate craft activities and engage in physical activities with the children. The clothing and footwear worn should be chosen accordingly, taking into account comfort, health and safety, and practicality. Revealing or excessively tight clothing is not acceptable.

Whilst on duty all crew members are encouraged to wear a MIM hoodie/T-shirt.

Confidentiality and social media

Crew members must not pass on any information about children attending our activities, or their parents and families, to third parties without their permission. The only exception to this rule is information sharing with specific external agencies if there is a safeguarding issue. ('Third parties' includes other parents, friends, other children, the press, etc.)

Posting any material relating to The Man In The Moon or our members on social media sites (unless expressly permitted) is forbidden. Any crew members who breach this rule will face disciplinary action.

See our Confidentiality Policy, Social Media Policy, Safeguarding Policy and Disciplinary Policy for more details.

Use of mobile phones and cameras

Personal mobile phones must keep it in crew members' bags during working hours.

If a crew member needs to make an urgent personal call they can make a personal call from their mobile in a permitted area.

If a crew member has a family emergency or similar and needs to keep their mobile phone to hand, they must obtain prior permission.

Crew members must never use their personal mobile phones or cameras to take photographs of our activities. Doing so will be considered gross misconduct and may result in instant dismissal.

See our Mobile Phone Policy, Safeguarding Policy and Disciplinary Policy for more details.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs

Crew members are not permitted to smoke anywhere on our premises, including the outside areas.

Crew members are not permitted to bring alcohol or illegal drugs onto our premises. If a crew member arrives at work under the influence of alcohol or drugs they will be asked to leave immediately and disciplinary action will be taken.

If a crew member is taking prescription drugs that might affect their ability to function effectively, they must inform us immediately.

Any prescribed medication needed by a crew member whilst at our activities must be stored safely out of reach and sight of the children.

See our Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs Policy for more details.​

The Man In The Moon will not tolerate peer abuse, bullying, discrimination, violence, aggression, abusive behaviour and language from paid and volunteer crew members. In the event of inappropriate behaviour the Complaints Procedure and Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure will be followed.

Examples of Gross Misconduct are as follows: theft of property and misuse of funds, malicious damage to property, fraud and dishonesty, incapacity due to being under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs, supplying non-prescribed drugs, physical assault and fighting, gross negligence, absence without cause, sexual assault, harassment or misconduct, a serious breach of safe working practices, misuse of IT equipment, abusive behaviour including sexist, racist and other oppressive behaviour. This list is not exhaustive.

Related policies: Complaints, Confidentiality, Disciplinary and Grievance and Safeguarding.

Reviewed: 10 May 2022

Review Period: 24 months​

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