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February Half Term: 17 to 21 February 2020

Easter Holiday: 6 to 9 and 14 to 17 April

May Half Term: 26 to 29 May

Summer Holiday: 21 July to 28 August

Additional COVID-19 Information

Please take time to read our COVID-19 Policy and COVID-19 Risk Assessment. They both contain very important information to ensure everyone's safety.

Children are not permitted to attend day camp if:

  • They, or a member of their family bubble, have experienced symptoms or if they know they have come in contact with someone with virus symptoms, within the previous 14 days, or if they have been advised to self isolate by the NHS Test and Trace.

  • They, or a member of their family bubble has returned from a country that is not one of the COVID-19 travel corridors, within the last 14 days.

Arrival and Departure

PLEASE NOTE: We're using the school cafe for the summer. Please do not come to reception as we won't be there! Look for the flags and banners...

Drop off is between 9.55am and 10am each day. Children and parents must wait in the car park. Please be aware of social distancing whilst waiting and ensure that you remain 2 meters away from other family groups. Ideally, only a parent should come to drop off their child. A crew member will meet you at the gate to complete registration.

Nobody may enter the building until advised to do so. Parents must not come into the building unless absolutely necessary - for example, in an emergency. Children will have their temperature taken before being allowed into the building. Parent's will be asked to confirm verbally each morning that no member of their household is displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.

Pick up is between 4pm and 4.05pm. Again, please be aware of social distancing whilst waiting in the car park. Ideally, only a parent should come to pick up.

On every entry and exit to the building, all children must sanitise their hands using the dispenser provided.

Late collection (after 4.15pm) is charged at £15 per child, per hour or part hour. Please ensure that you arrive in time to collect your child.

If at all possible, please try not to bring additional siblings who are not coming to day camp, to drop off or pick up children.

We are operating a contactless signing in process. You will have completed all the required paperwork online (including care information and permissions) when you initially booked. We will check this with you on your first day.

Unless previously arranged with us, children are not allowed to leave with adults other than the parent who signs them in.

Drop off and collection will be outside (even if it's raining). Parents will not be permitted to enter the venue.

Children are not allowed to leave by themselves.

We will not allow any visits unless in exception circumstances.


What to Bring

Children should only bring with them the essential items that they will need: lunch, water bottle, snacks, coat (if necessary). Mobile phones, toys, books etc. must be left at home. We take no responsibility for personal items that become lost or damaged.

We are not allowed to supply, or apply sunblock and suggest that you apply it before arrival. A hat is a good idea as we plan on being outside as much as possible.

We sorry, but we are unable to provide any snacks or drinks (including cups/bottles for water). We will refill named water bottles.

Children must bring a named packed lunch each day along with a bottle of water. We are unable to heat food or keep it cool.

We are nut free. Please do not include nuts or nut products such as peanut butter in packed lunches. These can cause a severe allergic reaction in some children, even if they don't eat the nuts themselves.


What to Wear

Children should wear something comfortable (trousers or shorts are ideal).

Please make sure that everything is named and ensure that you take home everything at the end of the day. Due to the current situation, any lost property will be safely disposed of at the end of each day.


You will have had the opportunity to give permission when you booked originally, for your child to be included in photographs and recordings.



All information exchanged with anyone involved in day camp is understood to be confidential and will be kept that way.



It is everyone's responsibility to protect children. We have a duty to report any serious concerns regarding children in our care. We take any allegations against our crew members seriously and these will be investigated immediately. Our duty to keep children safe may require us to share information with others involved in protecting children.

Tissues and their Disposal

Children should bring their own tissues. Children must dispose of all used tissues immediately in the bins provided.


The windows and doors will be open in all rooms used. Rooms will be well ventilated so please ensure children are suitably dressed for the outside temperature. We will work outside whenever possible, so please consider bringing a coat if the weather is cooler.


Children will only be allowed to visit the toilet one at a time. They must wash their hands afterwards, before re-entering the workshop space.​

Isolation For Any Child Displaying Possible Symptoms

If any child experiences symptoms of the virus (persistent cough and/or high temperature) they will be moved into the isolation room. We will contact parents to collect them ASAP.


We will ensure all rooms are subject to intensified cleaning at the end of each day, particularly of all surfaces, and prominent areas of communal contact (handles, light switches, chairs, doors, etc). High touch areas will be regularly sanitised throughout the day.


Mobile Phones

We do not encourage children to bring mobile phones. We do not accept any responsibility for them. If you need to contact your child or us, please use the numbers below.

Emergency Contacts

In the event of an emergency, you can contact us during day camp hours, on the following number: 07825 167317 or 07825 167327


First Aid

We have at least one crew member who has been trained in first aid on site at all times. If your child has an accident we will administer first aid as appropriate. You will be emailed an Accident Report and informed when you collect your child.

Crew members will wear a face mask and gloves (PPE) when giving first aid.

If your child will need to take any medicine while they are with us you must complete a medicine administration form before leaving your child. We have at least one crew member on site at all times who is trained in administering emergency injections (subject to you having completed the appropriate consent).

If you have any concerns regarding our accident/emergency procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us and will be happy to talk about things with you.


Compliments and Complaints

We love to know what you think. This way we can find out about things that we do well and the things we need to improve next time. If you have a problem, please speak with Paul in person. Alternatively, you are welcome to call him on 07825 167317

We will do everything that we can, to resolve the situation to your complete satisfaction, as quickly as possible.

If you wish to make a more formal complaint, we also have a complaints book, in which you are welcome to record your concern.

If you feel unable to speak with us you are able to contact Ofsted directly: Ofsted National Business Unit Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester M1 2WD

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