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Grievance Procedure

At The Man In The Moon, we are committed to maintaining a positive working environment where all crew members feel valued and supported. We encourage open communication and provide a structured grievance procedure for addressing concerns promptly and fairly.


Stage 1: Informal Grievance Procedure


If a crew member has an issue, we encourage them to raise it informally with us. We will aim to resolve the matter through open dialogue and informal discussions.


Stage 2: Formal Grievance Procedure


If the grievance remains unresolved after the informal stage, the crew member should submit a formal grievance in writing to us. The written grievance should include:

  • A statement invoking the formal grievance procedure.

  • Details of the grievance, including background, relevant facts, dates, and names of involved parties.

  • Steps taken informally to address the concern.

  • Desired outcomes or suggestions for resolution.


The crew member may choose a representative to submit the grievance on their behalf if desired.


Grievance Meeting


Upon receipt of the written grievance, we will acknowledge it in writing within five working days and arrange a formal grievance meeting. This meeting will generally take place within ten working days of receiving the grievance.

  • The crew member has the right to be accompanied by a colleague or union representative at the meeting.

  • Paul Branch or Sheila Laughton will represent The Man In The Moon at the meeting.


The purpose of the meeting is to gather and review all relevant information, discuss the grievance openly, and explore potential resolutions. If needed, additional meetings may be scheduled to gather more evidence.




Following the grievance meeting, Paul Branch or Sheila Laughton will determine the outcome. They may uphold the grievance and propose steps to resolve it, or reject it with reasons provided.

  • Within ten working days of the grievance meeting, the crew member will receive a written response detailing the outcome, reasons for the decision, and any actions to be taken.




If the crew member is not satisfied with the outcome, they may appeal in writing within five working days, stating grounds for appeal. The appeal will be heard within ten working days of receiving the appeal request.

  • An impartial person, not previously involved, will conduct the appeal hearing.

  • The crew member has the right to be accompanied by a colleague or union representative at the appeal hearing.


Within ten working days of the appeal hearing, the outcome will be communicated in writing to the crew member.


Overlapping Grievance and Disciplinary Cases


If a grievance is raised during a disciplinary process, the disciplinary process may be temporarily suspended to address the grievance. Both issues may be handled concurrently if related.

False or Repeated Grievances

Maliciously raised grievances may result in disciplinary action. A crew member cannot raise the same grievance within 12 months of its resolution, outcome, or withdrawal.

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  • Reviewed: 25 June 2024

  • Review Period: Every 24 months

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