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Mobile Phone Policy


The Man In The Moon fosters a "culture of safety' in which the children and crew members are protected from abuse, harm, and distress. We, therefore, have a clear policy on the acceptable use of mobile phones that is understood and adhered to by everyone: crew members, children and parents/carers.

Abiding by the terms of our mobile phone policy ensures that we all:

  • Protect children from harm and abuse.

  • Prevent crew members from being subject to false allegations.

  • Help crew members remain focused on the care of children.

  • Work in an open and transparent environment.​​

Crew member and volunteer use of mobile phones

Personal mobile phones belonging to crew members and volunteers are to be kept in their bags during working hours. If they need to make an urgent personal call they can make it from their mobile in an area away from the children.

If a crew member or volunteer has a family emergency or similar and needs to keep their mobile phone to hand, prior permission must be sought.

Under no circumstances may crew members or volunteers use their personal mobile phones to take photographs of our activities.

Children's use of mobile phones

Whilst we understand that some children have mobile phones, we actively discourage them from using their phones during our sessions.

We do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to mobile phones brought by the children.

Children must not use their mobile phone to take photographs of any kind during our activities.

Visitors' use of mobile phones

Parents/carers and all other visitors must not use their mobile phone (or any other device) to take photographs of our activities. This includes taking photographs of their own children.

Publicity and Social Media

On occasion, we take photos or videos of the children taking part in our activities. These images and recordings may be used for display purposes, printed publicity material, uploaded to our website and to social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). We will only include images of your child with a parent/carer's permission, and will never mention children's names.

On occasion, parents may be allowed to take photographs and record performances for their own private and personal use.

You understand that if you take photographs or record performances (when permitted), that it's for your sole personal use and it must not be used for any other purpose, including uploading to the Internet.

Related policies: Safeguarding.

​Reviewed: 10 May 2022

Review Period: 24 months​

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