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Drama Workshops for everyone

drama workshops for everyone

The Man In The Moon drama workshops can be found in Guildford and Haslemere, Surrey

They are a fantastic way to stretch the imagination, build confidence and help everyone realise their true potential

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to shine. Our brilliant drama workshops help them do just that.

The Man In The Moon believes that everyone deserves the chance to shine. Since 1990, our drama workshops have helped children do just that.

Our unique drama classes are original, creative, inclusive, and exciting. Not only that, they're reassuringly affordable. Children will make new friends, work as part of a team, improve concentration, develop social skills and learn to communicate more effectively.

The Man In The Moon's drama workshops are a fantastic way to stretch a child's imagination. They are a careful balance of creating a safe place that incorporates challenge, structure and freedom. Our classes help children build confidence and support their emotional and mental health. Children become independent and self-assured.

You will be leaving your child in safe hands. We have over 33 years of experience in running drama workshops.

And that's not all. Why should grown-ups miss out on all the fun? We've got some classes for them, too!

Weekly Drama Workshops

School Years 1 to 8

Our workshops aren't just about children becoming the next Oscar winner; they're designed to develop skills that will benefit them for life.

Holiday Drama Day Camps

School Years 1 to 7

Banish holiday boredom with our original drama day camps - a dramatic alternative to regular childcare for children in School Years 1 to 7.

Youth Theatre

School Years 9+

Build confidence and communication skills in a place where you can explore and discuss issues that are relevant to you.

Moonlights Workshops


Our workshops aren't just for children, we even have them for grown-ups, too! Perfect to try out acting for the first time or build on skills that you already have.

Shooting Stars

"All three of them love MIM and have gained so much from the short time they have spent there. I can confidently say, we are lifelong fans."

Nina M.

Shooting Stars

"His confidence has significantly increased since he joined MIM. He especially enjoys the performances. The Man In The Moon really allows the children to have fun but encourage them to learn, explore and grow."

Jackie H.

Shooting Stars

"They are glowing with pride in what they have achieved together, you can actually see how they have grown"

Catherine G.

Shooting Stars

"He has so much more confidence since he's been part of MIM, and everyone gets a chance to be in the productions. The day camps are excellent value too!"

Jenny W.

Here's what parents say about our workshops...

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