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Online Workshops Policy

Participation in any of our online workshops is considered acceptance of this policy.

How does Zoom work?

Zoom is a cloud-based internet video conferencing service. Under 18s are not allowed to create a Zoom account under Zoom's Terms of Service. All bookings must be made by a parent/carer. Once you have booked you will receive the meeting ID and password at least 30 minutes before the workshop is due to begin. We recommend you familiarise yourself with Zoom in advance of the first workshop.

What device should I use?

We recommend that you use the largest screen available. A desktop or laptop is ideal (phones and tablets are a bit too small to see clearly). You may be able to mirror their computer screen to a TV for an even better view.

Children will need to use a webcam and microphone. Children will be able to see all the other participants on the screen.

Can brothers, sisters and friends join in?

Yes, but each child taking part will need to be booked in and paid for separately - even if sharing a webcam.

What should I wear?

Just wear something comfortable and appropriate for a drama workshop. No skirts, please.

What space at home should I use?

Children should join the workshop from a family space in their home so that parents can keep an eye on them if needed. Children should not join us from their bedrooms or other private space.

There should be some space to move around freely. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to make sure that children have a safe and hazard-free space to work in. Please consider potential risks and choose an appropriate space.

Will there be a break?

If a workshop is over 90 minutes long, we will take a break. Please make sure that children have a bottle of water with them.

Play nice online

Children should be careful not to shout or talk all at the same time. We ask that children do not eat during the workshop and that they keep their webcam still.


High spirits are welcome, but if a child is continually disruptive, we reserve the right to exclude them from the workshop. No refund will be given.


We have a Duty of Care for everyone taking part in our workshops. However, due to the nature of these online, remote learning workshops, parents/carers must take full responsibility for the safety and well-being of their children whilst taking part in our workshops.

Children/parents/carers must not record or capture the workshop in any way, including photographs and screenshots.

By booking your child into the workshop, you accept full responsibility for them.

Our Duty of Care:

Two crew members will be present at all workshops, monitoring throughout and providing health and safety reminders. Workshops will be observed closely to ensure guidelines are strictly adhered to.

Parents/carers are responsible for ensuring their children are fit to take part in the workshops. Please contact us to discuss any queries you have regarding the suitability, before your first workshop.

To ensure children's safety and well-being whilst taking part remotely, we ask that a minimum of one adult is at home to supervise participants.

Our Zoom meetings are password protected and only authorised participants will be admitted into the workshop.

All workshops will be video recorded and a record of the online chat will be kept on file for 24 hours, should any dispute arise.

Children, parents and carers will be able to communicate privately with the crew members at any point during the workshop, by using the chat option. All other chat options (publicly to everyone and privately between participants) will be disabled.

Related policies: Behaviour Management, Safeguarding and Personal Data.

Reviewed: 10 May 2022

Review Period: 24 months​

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