COVID Information Zone

Before coming along to the workshop, day camp or rehearsal, please take time to read our COVID Policy and COVID Risk Assessment. They both contain very important information to ensure everyone's safety.

Whilst most COVID guidance and legal restrictions were lifted in England on 19 July 2021, we have chosen to continue to follow the following procedures to ensure the continued safety of children and adults. 

Parents/carers with children attending our day camps during the summer are advised to read the information from the Department of Education.

Children/adults are not permitted to attend workshops, day camps, or rehearsals if:


  • they have tested positive for or have experienced any symptoms of Covid.

  • they are waiting for the results of a PCR test.

  • they should be self-isolating.

We would request that children/adults do not attend workshops, day camps, or rehearsals if:


  • a member of their household has tested positive for Covid and is self-isolating.

Face Masks

Children do not need to wear face masks.

Arrival and Departure

Drop off is up to 5 minutes before the workshop, day camp* or rehearsal is due to start. Children and parents must wait outside the building. A parent must accompany their child(ren). Please be aware of others whilst waiting outside and wear a mask if appropriate. Ideally, only one parent should come to drop off/collect their child. We will meet you at the door.

We will take children's temperatures on arrival.

Nobody may enter the building until advised to do so. Parents should not come into the building unless absolutely necessary - for example, in an emergency.

Pick up is immediately after the workshop, day camp* or rehearsal is finished. Please ensure that you arrive in time to collect your child promptly. If you are bringing children for a later workshop/rehearsal as well as picking children up from an earlier one, they must wait with you until their workshop is due to start.

On entry and exit, everyone must sanitise their hands.

If at all possible, please try not to bring additional siblings who are not coming to the workshop, day camp or rehearsal, to drop off or pick up children. If this is not possible, please leave them in the car, if practical.

You will have completed all the required paperwork online (including care information and permissions) when you initially sign up. Please make sure that you check this information online before drop off.

We will not allow any visits, unless in exceptional circumstances.

* Pick-up and collection times for day camp vary depending on the extended morning or afternoon options booked.

Tissues and their Disposal

Children should bring their own tissues. Children must dispose of all used tissues immediately in the bins provided.​


Children will only be allowed to visit the toilet one at a time. They must wash their hands afterward.​

First Aid

Crew members will wear a face mask and gloves (PPE) when giving first aid.

Isolation For Any Child Displaying Possible Symptoms

If any child experiences symptoms of the virus (persistent cough and/or high temperature) they will be moved into the isolation room. We will contact parents to collect them immediately.


We will ensure all rooms used are subject to thorough cleaning before the beginning of each workshop, particularly surfaces, and prominent areas of communal contact (handles, light switches, chairs, doors, etc). High touch areas will be regularly sanitised throughout workshops, day camps and rehearsals.