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If your child is in our Christmas show, The Wind In The Willows, here's a lot of really useful information. Please take a moment to read this through thoroughly.

Cast Member Checklist

Everyone is the production needs to complete a Cast Member Checklist.

School Absence

Your child may need to be absent from school for the production. If any rehearsals or performances would mean absence from school (even half an hour), you will need to request permission from school.

Once you have completed are returned your Cast Member Checklist, we will send you the correct forms to complete.

Contacting Us

Over the weekend, we do not pick up messages from the office. If you need to contact us, please use our mobiles: 


Paul 07825 167317 or Sheila 07825 167327

Programme Biographies

Everyone needs to write a programme biography. 

It must be no more than 40 words and written in the first person. Please email it to us. We will confirm that we have received it. If it is too long or not written in the first person we will return it so that you can change it.

Everyone needs to write a new biography. If you haven’t written one before, please ask us and we’ll be happy to help. There are some examples here.

Please do this by Sunday 3 November

Parent Support


We ask each cast member to sell a minimum of 10 tickets to their family and friends - we will send you details of a discounted Accelerator Offer to reduce the cost of tickets booked in advance.

We also ask parents to help promote the show via social media etc.


We might also ask for help with the get-in and get-out at the theatre, as well as for people to help sell raffle tickets and programmes at the performances. Parents will be asked to donate a raffle prize. Everyone needs to do their bit.



There is a full rehearsal schedule here. Please wear your MIM hoodie, comfortable loose fitting trousers (no skirts) and trainers, plimsoles or jazz shoes. We’ll provide water, squash, and biscuits.




Everyone is expected to give the production 100% commitment. Failure to learn lines on time, lack of concentration or disruptive behaviour will lead to a lost role. The show fee will not be refunded.


This is to ensure that those who do work hard will have the best possible opportunity to develop during rehearsals.

All lines need to be learned by Sunday 3 November


Arrival and Departure


When arriving at rehearsal, it is important to check that we're there. Please do not leave your child unattended, as we accept no responsibility for them. Please come in with your child.


Rehearsals begin and end on time. Continual late arrival is considered as a missed rehearsal. The missed rehearsal rule will apply.


Late Collection


We appreciate that from time to time an emergency may prevent you from collecting your child on time. We reserve the right to make a late collection charge of £15 per child. 


Missed Rehearsals


We take attendance at rehearsal very seriously. If a cast member misses a rehearsal without first discussing it with us, they will lose their role.


Prior commitments should have be notified to us in writing, at the time of auditioning.


We understand that sometimes illness means there is no other option than to miss a rehearsal.


Once a rehearsal is missed, a second rehearsal missed, for any reason including illness, will mean a lost role. There is no exception to this.


If a rehearsal is missed, we ask all parents to complete a Missed Rehearsal Form.


Recording and Photography


Due to copyright and child protection law, we are not able to allow anyone to make an unauthorised recording of the production. Photography is not allowed.


Authorised photos and a DVD will be available after the production. 



You can book tickets at from the Box Office directly on 01483 501200 or online.




Chaperones play a vital part in looking after the cast during the performances. Without chaperones, the performance cannot go ahead.


We have a very small and dedicated group of chaperones; very few of whom actually have children in the show. We desperately need more.


Being a chaperone is enjoyable and rewarding. It can take a little time to register, so if you are interested, please contact your local authority as soon as possible.


If you live in Surrey, contact the Child Employment Team on 01483 5178383


If you live in Hampshire, contact the Child Employment Office on 01962 876300


Show Week


Contacting Us


It's generally easier to call us on our mobiles. If we don't pick up, leave a voice mail or drop us an email.


Paul 07825 167317 or Sheila 07825 167327


Arrival and Departure


On arrival, please accompany children to the foyer of The Electric and remain with them until a Chaperone has signed them in. We take no responsibility for children who are allowed to come to the theatre without an adult.


After the performance please collect children from the foyer.


You must confirm collection time each day when dropping off as it is liable to change.


Parents must tell a Chaperone when collecting children.


Collection more than 15 minutes late, will incur a £15 Late Collection Charge per child.


Children are not allowed to leave with adults other than a parent unless previously arranged. Our usual password system will operate if you would like your child collected by someone else. 




The road by the theatre is not suitable for drop-off and collection. Traffic Wardens regularly patrol and issue parking tickets. Please park away from the building.


Food and Drink


Children should have eaten their main meal before arriving at the theatre for performances.


Children should bring lunch or supper with them for their Dress and Technical Rehearsals on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 December.


Please send a bottle of water and a small snack for the interval. Sweets, chocolate, chewing gum, sugary or fizzy drinks are not allowed. 


Valuable Items


Please do not bring valuable items to the theatre, as we accept no responsibility for them. Books, comics, and cards are ideal for the dressing room. 




You must leave any medicine that your child may need with a Chaperone. You will be asked to complete a Medicine Administration Consent Form. 


Lost Property


Lost property is kept for one week after the play. 

Shared Costumes


Everyone gets very hot during performances and can sweat. As costumes are shared, we must insist that all cast members wear an effective antiperspirant deodorant. Please ensure that children are wearing suitable underwear. 




The presentations will be after the performances on Saturday 21 December. Parents are welcome to come to the presentation, even if they do not have tickets for this performance. The presentations will last about 30 minutes. We will confirm the exact timings during the week of the production. 


See The Show


The cast can (subject to availability) buy a £5 ticket to see the show. These tickets are subject to a 50p booking fee and limited to one per cast member, thirty minutes before the performance begins, from the Box Office. We cannot guarantee that tickets will be available. To guarantee a ticket to see the show we recommend that you buy one in advance.


Anything Else


If you’ve got any questions, just drop us an email or ask us at workshop - we’re more than happy to help.

Cast Updates


Key Production Dates



Sundays from 29 September

No Rehearsal on

Sunday 27 October


Technical Rehearsal Day

Tuesday 17 December


Dress Rehearsal Day

Wednesday 18 December


Performances at

3.30pm and 7.30pm

Thursday 19 to

Saturday 21 December


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