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Our Christmas production will be Kenneth Grahame's The Wind In The Willows at The Electric Theatre in Guildford. Auditions are just like our regular workshops. There’s no need to feel nervous or intimidated.


Auditions last 45 minutes and we’d like you to book your time in advance.


Auditions on Sunday 22 September are at Lockwood Centre Westfield Rd, Guildford GU1 1RR

Auditions on Wednesday 25 September are at Camelsdale School, School Road, Haslemere GU27 3RN

Everyone’s welcome to audition. There’s nothing to prepare in advance - we just ask that everyone tries their best.


At the audition, children will be asked to read a short script extract and do an improvisation.


We work really hard when casting a show to make sure that the right person is in the right role. It’s our job to give children a part that will challenge their ability and allow them to feel successful.


We want children to leave the audition feeling that they have worked hard, and tried their best.


Rehearsals and Commitment


You can download the full rehearsal and performance schedule here so that you can see what sort of commitment is involved.




There is a large cast with lots of speaking roles - there are strong roles for both boys and girls.


There will be a Blue and Yellow Team and children will be needed for all the rehearsals for their team. There may be some roles in the Principal Cast who would play the same role in both teams (Blue and Yellow). Like all our shows, everyone will have lots to do. There aren’t really any small roles.


Show Fee


The show fee is £95 and paid when you audition. It will be refunded if we don’t offer your child a role.


The show fee now includes everything that your child will need to take part in the performance (including shoes and a script to keep). Tickets to see the show are not included.


To appear in The Wind In The Willows, children must attend our workshops during the Autumn Term.


School Absence


Parent’s will need to apply for permission for their child’s absence from school if required. We advise that you check with your child's school before auditioning. We will give you further details about how to do this.


Parent Support


We ask each cast member to sell a minimum of 10 tickets to their family and friends.


We also ask parents to help promote the show via social media.


We might also ask for help with the get-in and get-out at the theatre as well as for people to help sell raffle tickets and programmes at the performances.


Parents are also asked to donate a raffle prize or two. Everyone needs to do their bit.




Chaperones play a vital part in looking after the cast during the performances. Without chaperones, the performance cannot go ahead.


We have a very small and dedicated group of chaperones; very few of whom actually have children in the show. We desperately need more.


Being a chaperone is enjoyable and rewarding. It can take a little time to register, so if you are interested, please contact your local authority as soon as possible.


If you live in Surrey you can contact the

Child Employment Team on 01483 5178383


If you live in Hampshire you can contact the

Child Employment Office on 01962 876300


Missed Rehearsals


We take attendance at rehearsal very seriously. If a cast member misses a rehearsal without first discussing it with us, they will lose their role.


Prior commitments should be notified in writing, at the time of audition. This may reduce the possibility of being cast in the show.


We understand that sometimes illness means there is no other option than to miss a rehearsal. This is considered on an individual basis.


Please let us know when you audition if you need to be in a particular team, as we cannot change this once a part’s been offered.


Once a rehearsal is missed, a second rehearsal missed for any reason, including illness, will mean a lost role. There is no exception to this.


Choosing a team can sometimes affect the role which we offer.


What Do I Pay and When?



The Show Fee od £95. It should be paid in advance by Bank Transfer:


Account: 71408100   Sort Code: 40 22 12


Anything Else?


If you’ve got any questions just drop us an email, or ask us at workshop - we’re more than happy to help.


Book your Audition Time

Key Production Dates



Sunday 22 September

Wednesday 24 September



Sundays from 29 September

No Rehearsal on

Sunday 27 October


Technical Rehearsal Day

Tuesday 17 December


Dress Rehearsal Day

Wednesday 18 December


Performances at

3.30pm and 7.30pm

Thursday 19 to

Saturday 21 December


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