Audition Zone

Important Production Dates

Zoom Auditions: Sunday 18 October

Zoom Rehearsals: 1pm to 3.30pm

Sunday 1 and 8 November

In-Room Rehearsal: 1pm to 4.30pm

Sunday 15 November

In-Room Recordings: 1pm to 3.30pm

Sunday 22, 29 November and 6 December

Following the success of The Railway Children Online, our Christmas show will be on online version Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen. All being well, as well as the initial rehearsals on Zoom, we will be able to both rehearse and record socially distant, in person. If we enter another lockdown, everything would be done on Zoom.

Auditions will be done individually on Zoom and last 5 minutes eachWe'd like you to book your time in advance.

Auditions will be on Sunday 18 October.

Everyone's welcome to audition. There are a couple of lines to learn in advance. You can download them here. There's no need to be nervous, we just ask that everyone tries their best. At the audition, children will be asked to act our their lines. They may be asked to do this a couple of times.

Rehearsals and Commitment

In-room rehearsals will be held at Shalford Village Hall, Guildford.

Children will need to be available for all of the online and in-room rehearsal and recording dates above. There will be a schedule so that children with smaller roles won't be hanging around all day. There may be some waiting around, but we'll try to keep it to a minimum.

Everyone will be sent an electronic version of the script. The lines will need to be learnt by Sunday 15 November.

Show Fee

The show fee is £65 and paid before you audition. It will be refunded if we don't offer your child a role.

The show fee will include everything that your child will need to take part in the performance. We have to charge a show fee to cover our costs. Our productions traditionally support our ongoing workshops financially and this production will help fill the gap that the lost ticket sales from our usual Christmas show at The Electric Theatre will create. 

To appear in The Snow Queen, children must attend our workshops during the Autumn Term.

Please pay the show fee, before you audition, by bank transfer: Account: 71408100 Sort Code: 40 22 12



There are lots of different roles in the play including Narrators (in the show they are called Historiefortaeller). This is likely to be something very exciting to be involved in and a wonderful memory of this unique time that we're all living through.

As with any production, some children will have more to do than others. We will work hard to include everyone as much as possible.

Unlike our previous productions, there will only be one team.

How Will It Be Recorded?

We will (hopefully) be recording the performances in person with a green screen. It will be a more fully realised production than The Railway Children - much more than a rehearsed reading. It's also hoped that we might be able to have costumes and use props. The performances will be edited in post-production. We will ensure that everything we do remains COVID-safe as per our risk assessment that is currently in place. Social distancing will be maintained.

If lockdown restriction change, everything will be done on Zoom.

Allowing your child's participation indicates consent to them being included in the final online stream.

How Will It Be Screened?

The production will be available to watch over the Christmas holiday and beyond. We plan to screen this on-demand on YouTube. We will ask viewers to donate a pay-what-you-can ticket price. Donations will help us through this difficult period.

Anything Else?

We think we've covered most things here, but if there's something we've missed, just drop us an email - we're more than happy to help.

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