Audition Zone

Important Production Dates

Zoom Auditions: Saturday 29 May - 1pm to 4pm

Lines Learnt by: Saturday 19 June

Rehearsals: 1pm to 3.30pm

Saturday 19 and 26 June

Filming: 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm

Saturday 3, 10, 17 and 24 July

After the fun we had with The Snow Queen Online, we've decided to make a film of Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow as our summer show. Because we like to give ourselves a challenge, it's going to be filmed (and rehearsed) on location, outside.

Auditions will be on Zoom and last 5 minutes eachWe'd like you to book your time in advance.

Auditions will be on Saturday 29 May - 1pm to 4pm.

Everyone's welcome to audition. We are asking everyone who auditions to learn


The Audition

We are asking everyone to learn this short audition piece:

Robin Hood Now, off you go and thank our dear Sheriff of Nottingham for their contribution to our coffers. Thank you for your fine garments, but please make sure you don't catch a cold on your long walk to Nottingham Castle. Little John, make sure that these goods and money are returned to their rightful owners, but tell them to hide their possessions until this robbery blows over.

It is important that these lines are learnt for the audition as it will show us that children are committed to taking part and able to learn lines.

There's no need to be nervous, we just ask that everyone tries their best. At the audition, children will be asked to act our the piece that they've learnt. They may be asked to do this a couple of times.

There are a lot of roles for boys in the original story. This adaptation has made sure that almost all parts remain gender-neutral and can be played by either boys or girls.

Rehearsals and Commitment

Rehearsals and filming will take place at Upper House Farm, Upper House Lane, Shamley Green, Guildford GU5 0SX.

Children must be available for all of the rehearsal and recording dates. There'll be a schedule so children with smaller roles won't be hanging around all day. Children may not be needed for all the filming sessions. There might be some waiting, but we'll try to keep it to a minimum.

Everyone will be sent an electronic version of the script. Lines will need to be learnt by Saturday 19 June.

Show Fee

The show fee paid before your audition is £80. You'll get it back if we're not able to offer your child a role.

The show fee includes everything your child needs to take part in the film. We charge a show fee to cover our costs.

To appear in Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow, children must attend workshops during this term.

Please pay the show fee, before you audition, by bank transfer: Account: 71408100 Sort Code: 40 22 12



There are lots of different roles in the film. This will be something very exciting and unique to be involved in.

As with any show, some children will have more to do than others. We'll work hard to include everyone as much as possible.

How Will It Be Recorded?

The filming will take place in some private woodlands. There will be costumes and props. We will ensure that filming and rehearsals remain COVID-safe.

Allowing your child to take part gives your consent to them being included in the final film.

How Will It Be Screened?

The production will be available to watch over the summer holiday and beyond. We plan to screen this on-demand on YouTube. We will ask viewers to donate a pay-what-you-can ticket price.

Anything Else?

We think we've covered most things here, but if there's something we've missed, just drop us an email - we're more than happy to help.