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Dramatically different weekly drama workshops and drama day camps during the school holidays that help children shine.

Our Magical Christmas Show

Friday 18 to Sunday 20 December 2015

When Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy stumble upon an enchanted wardrobe in an old country mansion, they discover that it's a gateway to another world... A world where animals speak and mythical creatures roam... A magical world called Narnia.

Join our talented young cast for a fantastical adventure of sparkling spells and an epic battle between good and evil as C. S. Lewis' classic story is brought to life in a wonderful new production.

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Weekly Drama Workshops

Original, inclusive and exciting drama workshops for children in School Years 1 to 8 designed to develop skills that will benefit them for life.

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Drama Day Camps

Original, inclusive and exciting, Ofsted registered drama day camps for children in School Years 1 to 8 at Camlesdale School in Haslemere

Next Up - Christmas

Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 December

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